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10 July 2020, Friday
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del forte denim

  1. Del Forte Denim is designed for the eco-chic woman who is transforming the face of fashion. The complete line is now available from in 100 percent organic cotton. Del Forte's premium denim apparel is part of a growing trend which interprets luxury as a combination of distinctive design and ethical production.
    The garments are sewn and finished in Los Angeles, a fashion forward city that is a leader in anti-sweatshop legislation and enforcement, as well as being home to the most cutting edge wash development facilities in the country.

    Del Forte Denim has partnered with The Sustainable Cotton Project, which has been building bridges among farmers, manufacturers, and consumers to pioneer markets for certified organically grown and sustainable cotton since 1994. A portion of Del Forte Denim proceeds will go to support The SCP. We are committed to using green products and services exclusively Lianne Ludlow, Director of recently stated. Our office is stocked with eco-friendly supplies, all our printing is done on New Leaf paper using vegetable-based inks, and we found a carbon neutral company to host

    About Selected Designer, Tierra Del Forte
    Tierra started her career in denim design in NYC in 1999. Visiting domestic and international garment factories opened her eyes to the destructive impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and the people making the clothing. In 2005, she returned to California with this new awareness and a desire to focus on eco-conscious style. To accomplish this goal, she started her line of premium organic denim, Del Forte Denim.

    The DFD Outreach Program Embraced by
    at Del Forte Denim is proud to be part of a strong and growing movement dedicated to sustainability. The goal of The DFD Outreach Program is to provide resources and create a relationship with the agricultural workers who help make our premium denim clothing. They are partnered with such retailers as to support The Sustainable Cotton Project. This is a program of The Community Alliance with Family Farmers, which educates farmers, agricultural students, and the general public on ways to increase the sustainability of farms. The alliance also supports those farmers who are sustainable and/or organic.

    All about Organic Cotton Sold through
    Organically grown cotton has been produced without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. A field must be pesticide free at least three years for the cotton to be certified organic. At this point, it is safe for consumers, farmers, and employees who grow it, and the natural environment. Non-organically (conventionally) grown cotton can cause irreparable damage to the natural environment and farm workers, as well as contaminate drinking water. Organic farming methods actually help regenerate soil that has been damaged by overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
    It takes 2/3 pound of pesticides to make one pair of jeans, and 1/3 pound to make a single T-shirt. Conventional cotton accounts for 10% of global pesticide use.
    Government reports state that conventional agriculture is responsible for 70% of all problems in rivers and streams.
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